A Note For Puppy Training

dog training tips
dog training tips

Hello! I am a pet lover especially puppies! Are you really fond of puppies? Do you want to own one? If yes, I would be giving you some suggestions that I think would also be helpful for you once you have decided to bring a cute puppy at home. If you already have one, I would still recommend that you continue reading my letter.


Your puppy must be fed and watered a several times a day. In fact, you should have to make sure that there is cold, dirt free water that would be readily available all day. You will most possible to give food to the puppy at least three times a day when it is young. You should remember to feed a puppy food particularly that is made for a growing dog. Puppy food is smaller and easier for a babyish puppy to chew and digest.


Another thing to remember is that puppies love to chew and are always teething. They need to chew and will chew on anything in view. Do not permit them to chew on your shoes, though they are old shoes because this will make the puppy consider it is acceptable to chew on new shoes too. You could also give the puppy a toy to chew that is nontoxic for young puppies and when you find it chewing on something, present the toy. This will allow your puppy to know that the toy you give is for chewing.


We often think that a puppy is like a little baby. That’s why it is better to bear in mind that you must not expect the puppy to be toilet trained just like an infant. A watchful eye is needed when you are home. You could also have a crate for your puppy when you are not at home.